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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Back Again--at last ;)

Aloha Mai! 
It's been forever it seems!  So glad to be back!

My store has been updated with a few creations.  I  hope you will check them out, and maybe help keep me from having to work at McDonald's soon.  ;) 

A great time was had by all.  Too short for sure (as usual).  All went well with Hula.  DS is still working on his goal of getting to Juvenile level for skating (one more test).  DH participated in the World Outrigger Canoe Sprints in Sacramento and had fun. 

We actually got some ripe tomatoes this year!!!  How can that be?  DS returned safely from a trip to Mt. St. Helens with his class.  They had stellar weather and got to see the mountain which is a rare thing in cloudy Western Wa.  

I'm getting over the first Fall cold yuck.  Hopefully I'll be 100% again soon.  The weather transition is so hard on this Hawai'i Girl! 

Righ now I'm busy working with Bob Shives with Cascadian Design Studio (Lazer cutting and engraving) on a donation project for the athletes who will be participating in Skate America. More on that later.  

So much to catch up on.  I am a full fledged review team member now!  Hooray!  I will update my sidebar with reviews you can read on some totally cool projects!  Here's a recent one on Flair Designs Spellbound Collection. 

Beginning this month I have been creating and posting layout sketches for the site (4 a month) and will keep on doing it as long as I can.  I hope you'll check them out.  You can find some card sketches by Renee there as well (2 a month).  

Now that I have finally taken the plunge back to blogging, I'll be sure to keep on coming back as I hope you will too.  

Take care and a hui hou! 


Kathie said...

Thanks for stopping by! Great to see your smiling face...btw you have been tagged stop by my blog!


Jennifer said...

You have a wonderful blog here! Nice to meet you on ScrapFriends!!!