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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Joy Mirror

Kai (DS) and I will be going to his school tomorrow for a little craft fair.  Mainly it is for little kids to create beautiful handmade items for their parents, but there will be a few vendors as well.  Last year a good friend of mine said that she thought that Kai’s origami would be a big hit, so this year we signed up.  

Well, as with any 11 year old, he would rather play or read than prepare for the craft fair, so I had to come up with little things to sell like cards and little journals.  

In this frenzy to create, I came across this project that I started 3 years ago.  LOL.  I had this great idea when I went to IKEA to decorate their cool wooden mirror, so I got the mirror about 3 years ago.  I think I covered it with paper right away, but didn’t get to the “finishing touches” until today.  My life is often like that.  I am glad to say that one of my Christmas embellishment boxes is almost empty!!!  Yay!  

I tried the crackle paint thing for the first time.  I read on a MB about a project someone did with the crackle paint and decided that I better use my jar before it went bad.  (Another idea that I had many years ago but never did).  

I cut out the stencils from regular cardboard stencils (Home Depot) by placing them backwards on patterned paper backed with cardstock.   

The supplies used: Rusty Pickle paper, Inque Boutique stamps, sparkles PSX liquid glitter, ribbon, feathers, garland, poinsettia, vintage Angel images.

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