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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Somerset Digital Studio Review & Spring Fair Preparations

Aloha Mai!  
I can't believe how the week has flown by.  I have been incredibly busy and with Spring Break for DS, it's been crazy!  There is a Spring Fair in a couple of weeks at the Western Washington Fair grounds.  The fair has a lot of categories that kids can enter their crafts. 

By Kekai:  

DS chose to enter a lot of photography categories this year.  He even did a digital page (above) after seeing me work on my projects for my Scrapfriends' review of the premier issue of Somerset Digital Studio Magazine.  You can read about my adventures with digital scrapbooking in the review if you are interested.  

By me: 

Anyway, about the Spring Fair: DS baked whole wheat butterhorns yesterday, dropped a lot of raw eggs in different contraptions, and today we got some red and yellow Stickles for him to decorate a shoe with.  This was my first experience with clogged nozzels on both the red and yellow.  We took it back to the store and I should have insisted on a new bottle, but instead we were taught how to use a miniscule drill bit to open the hole a little wider.  It worked on the yellow bottle, but the red one keeps on getting clogged.  The store was closed and I was tired of driving, so DS just had to make due.  I think that there is a large piece of glitter or something in the red bottle that keeps clogging it.  Bummer!  

Anyway, I'll know better next time.  Stay tuned for photos of the completed shoes soon.  
Have a great Friday! 
a hui hou! 

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Kathie said...

Wow love those pics on your Seattle aquarium lo! I love stickles but mine all seem to clog too...yeah goodluck with that! Have a great day!