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Friday, May 30, 2008

May is almost over!

 Aloha Mai! 
Wow, it's amazing!  May is almost pau (done).  This month has been super busy with Hula and life.  I hope that you are all doing well! 

My Etsy Store has been re-stocked with a ton of amazing albums and frames, even some journals!  I hope that you will take a look and maybe find something you like! 

Big news this month was DS being recognized as an example of being a model citizen athlete for his city-state of Athens at the Pacific NW 5th Grade Olympiad of Waldorf Schools.  I was so proud of him.   It's nice when kids can get recognized for being good rather than the naughty ones getting all the attention.  

He also did really well with his egg drop apparatus at the Puyallup Spring Fair.  He brought home a blue rosette for that, and a second place rosette for his altered shoe.  

As for me.  I had my hula presentation at the NW Folklife.  We did a dance and drama about Canoe Traditions and Cultures.  We all got tattoos for the occasion LOL.  Nah, just joking.  They're rub-ons.  

Next week is the an ice competition at our home rink.  I will be a vendor for the first time showing my ice skating albums.  I hope that people like them.  I will be making sample pages this weekend.  

Have a great weekend and I'll try not to be a stranger!  
a hui hou!

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Michele said...

Beautiful photos! I'm going to check out your Etsy shop right now! I just love your creations, you truly are inspiring!