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Friday, December 26, 2008

Let it Snow....now let it be done... :)

Aloha mai!
Snow snow snow!  

I hope you had a wonderful holiday and that you are enjoying your family and friends this season! 

I wanted to share some snow pictures with you.  It's been an amazing week and a half here in Snowville...um Seattle. 

This is a bowl that k put out to measure the snow fall.  It stuck to the rail, so out it stayed through the whole stormy week. 


This was the total amount of snow that we got.  Below you will find a pictures of the park near our Library.  I loved the snow patterns on the wall.  There was enough snow that someone built a snow fort (dome shaped) that had windows and could fit one person in it.  I went in.  It was really cool! 

We went sledding on the hills by our house.  Not too steep or else the snow was just too much, so we didn't really go too fast, but it was really fun!  

But now, we've had our fill of snow and I think that most of us are ready to see it go.  LOL.  

Parking lots are danger zones, everyone seems to need a push with the snow ruts appearing now that it's warming up a little.  Can you believe it snowed again today?  I've gotten really good at reversing and driving-reversing and driving to keep from getting stuck.  

Enough for now.  Have a great one and sorry to be such a stranger.  
A hui hou! 


Tammy said...

WOW! Looks like a lot of snow!!! Hopefully it will be gone soon

LIZZEE said...

Wow so pretty but I can see enough is enough... Hope all is well Miss ya girl.

April said...

I know you are ready to see it go...but I just wish we had snow where I live period!! Eat some snow ice cream for me please! April