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Friday, October 17, 2008

Flair Designs Merry Little Christmas

Aloha Mai, 
A little Christmas Cheer today.  I was fortunate enough to work with Flair Designs Merry Little Christmas Collection this month.  This tree is one of my projects.  I'm not really a Martha Stewart when it comes to home decor, this is about as close as I get.  You can find my review and how I made this tree here on the Scrapfriends website.  

No school today, so I gotta get moving.  Have a wonderful day! 
a hui hou! 


dpelham said...

I didn't understand some of the instructions. How big are the "leaves"? I was thinking of folding them so the ends meet in the back.

ScrapAloha said...

Aloha Don! Great to hear from you! Not sure exactly where you are in the process, but HTH.

So the strips that I cut for the leaves are 12 x 2" strips of patterned paper. (they can be any length as long as they are 2" wide as you will be cutting little 1/4 inch segments off)

I folded the paper Lengthwise so that the strip becomes 12 x 1".

In order to save myself a step later on, I adhered the long edges that I just folded together to each other.

This way when you cut the "leaves" from the strip you will end up with many individual double sided pieces of paper that are 1/4 x 1".

You must entirely cut the tiny leaves free of the strip and adhere the leaves individually to the tree. Because of the shape of the cone, the cannot be shortcut. If you figure out a way, please share :)

(The very top of the tree was done a couple of short continuous strips, that was the exception.)

Put adhesive on the top (non folded side) of the "leaf" and adhere to the tree.


(If you just tuned in...for full instructions please click my link to see my review at scrapfriends)